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I'm floating on cloud nine....

You see the world in Red
Aren't you the romantic? Life is poetic. If you
don't already, write poetry, you're good at it.

What color do you see the world in?
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Alright, i'll try to write about last night again without erasing it. I had a field trip yesterday and we went to the State Fair, we had lots of fun. We went on this one ride that was like a circle and you could see all the other people on the ride so Megan Rall and I are like "dude, lets go again and bring our cameras" so we were gonna go again but this kid puked so they had to hose off the ride so we went back later. We walked around for a while and went on this one ride and the carnies didn't make us pay which was cool. We ate some good fair food and went back on the ride and took pictures and went on bumper cars and stuff. It was lots of fun. We were late for the bus but that was okay cause nobody really cared. We got back to school a little after 3 and I came home and slept for like an hour. I got up and took a shower and got ready. Kevin picked me up a little after 7 for dinner at Yanni's in Homosassa. He got me this cute little dog (he hates dogs, a box of chocolates and a card that was too cute. After I opened my little present we left and went to Yanni's, we got there around 7:45 (we had reservations for 7:30) and we waited atleast 30 minutes to be seated. We finally got seated and waited another 20 minutes before our waitress even ecknowledged us. When she finally did she got our drink orders and our food orders and we didn't see her again for a good 20 minutes when she brough Kevin his coke, I didn't get a drink for another 30 minutes. She came back after she brought us our salads, it had been about an hour since we ordered and told Kevin that what he ordered they were out of. He ordered again and she came back like 15 minutes later and told him they were also out of that. He ordered AGAIN and got lobster tails. She finally brought us our food and she was like "you got a New York Strip right" to Kevin and he was like "no, I got lobster tails" so she brought our food back and said that the cook had felt bad for all the trouble so he made him a steak, plus the lobster tail and Kevin was like "well I don't like steak, I won't eat it" so shes like "you can bring it home" so he was like "fine whatever" so we finally ate at like 10. After dinner we left and came back to Inverness. We got to 581 where you turn to go to either of our houses and we didn't turn, I was like "where are we going" and he's like "I dunno". I didn't think anything of it because we just drive around sometimes. So we're driving, we're on our way to Floral City and I didn't think anything out of the ordinary and he's like "lets follow these people" and I was like "okay" and it was two cars that were going to the same place. We followed them for a little bit and then one of them turned and he's like "lets follow that one" so we followed it until it turned and then we kept going driving around this neighborhood. We got to a stop sign and I was like "it's water" cause I didn't know ther was water out there and he's like "yeah". We went through the stop sign and he went off the road and drove into this clearing and I was like "whats goin on" and right about then I saw a blanket and two candles. I was like "awwww" and we stopped and got out and he pulled out a dozen long stem roses from his back seat and gave them too me. I was like AHHHHHHH. I was so happy and surprised. I had no idea. We went to the blanket and he tried to light the candles and used the whole book of matches and it didn't work so we just layed there and he was like "so, do you want to make it official?" and I was like "sure". =D It was really cold so we got under the blanket and layed on the grass. I was wearing a skirt so I was like freezing the whole time but it was still so cute and I felt oh so special. The whole time I was like "aww". We layed out there and cuddled and watched the sky, there was a halo around the moon, it was really cool. We layed out there til midnight and then he brought me back home. It was the best night ever, I've never felt more special. It was like in the movies, like A Walk To Remember, it's so sweet and you wish something like that would happen to you but you know stuff like that dosen't really happen, well last night it did and I've never felt anything like it before. I was so happy, and still am. I still can't beleive I didn't have any idea. He said that like a bunch of people knew and his entire 1st block knew. I was like "dude, why don't I know these things." It was so great. Definately the best Valentines Day and the best night of my life..... *sigh* =D
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