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Listen to how cool this is! Today after school I came home and my sister left me a note that said "go to the Big Sky website and read the comment in the guestbook left by a lady named Debbie". I went online and read the comment and this is what it said:

Name: Debbie
Hometown: Crystal River
Sent: 5.11 PM - 3/10

I was in Crystal River Mall on Saturday. I saw pictures on display that art students from our local school had taken. There in a black and white photo was Dave K. playing the sax. It was taken by a girl named Kelly, I won't post her last name. I just thought that was pretty cool.

For all of you who don't know, I took the picture that shes talking about. It's a guy named Dave from the band Big Sky. It's on display at the Crystal River mall, go see it!!!! Anyways, I thought that was really cool that someone who I didn't even know was writing about my picture. I was happy to read that. =D

In other news, tomorrow is 1 month for Kevin and I. Yay for us.
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