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I forgot, I gotta write about my funny story. Today in English we had a substitute so of course we did absolutely nothing. Our substitute was telling us about how her husband is a funeral director and all this stuff. Manny decides to tell us this story about his dad. Heres the story "My dad went a a funeral a long time ago, and he threw up on the body. The wife of the dead man was really mad, she wanted to kill him.He threw up on the body then walked outside, passed out, and layed on the pavement, bleeding from the fall." He said that he had been drinking some spanish drink thats really really potent and it will make you puke after like one. It apparently has A LOT of alcohol in it. I thought that was funniest/most gross story i've heard in a long time and I thought you guys would like to hear it too. I thought Denise would laugh too.
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