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I had so much to write about in my journal but I can't think of it now. The rest of my body kit came in today which is cool. It's almost a week early and my car is going into the shop tomorrow. In about two weeks or less I'll post pictures of my new pimp car!

I met a new online friend. Her name is Laura and I swear we're connected or we knew eachother in a past life. We are a lot alike. Shes so cool. I'm happy that I stumbled across her in Laurens journal. (p.s. Lauren- I LOVE this song (JT)).

Ah! I'm offended! (tangent)
Grr, on that same note. I've been very frustrated lately, AGAIN.

I worked today 10-7 and it was alright. I was very scatterbrained. I was in the middle of this big lotto order (this lady buys like $150 in lotto every week) and I had to change the paper. The little reel that turns the paper is connected to a chain and I put the reel in backwards so the chain got wrapped around the paper and screwed it all up. The paper couldn't pull through the machine but it was still printing cards. It was printing like there was paper there so my lotto pan was like way off b.c it calculated these tickets that didn't exsist.

I had so much to write about! Grr!

All of you recent graduates, isn't it sooo nice that we didn't have to go to school today?! I LOVED IT! People say that you miss high school but I don't. I don't miss the immaturity I don't miss the people, I don't miss the teachers (except mrs. b), I don't miss the long days! Yay for no more high school.

I wish I could remember what I wanted to write. If I think of it i'll write.
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